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Scarlett Sieber | Infomous
Scarlett Sieber


Scarlett Sieber is Infomous’ VP of Operations and the very hub of the enterprise. A graduate of Fordham University with a degree in accounting, Scarlett is responsible for the company’s finance and marketing functions, as well as communications outreach and social media campaigns. But just because she keeps the office humming in New York doesn’t mean she is not aware of the world beyond our doors. Scarlett spent an academic year studying in China and is able to communicate in Chinese and Swedish in addition to English. She was selected to serve as an Ambassador to One Young World, an organization that promotes responsible leadership and global awareness in fostering a better world by enlisting the planet’s future leaders. And she volunteers with Sponsor-A-Child, Kenya, to further its educational mission so that every classroom in Kenya has a blackboard to facilitate learning.

As you can tell, Scarlett is deeply concerned with contributing not only to the success of Infomous, but to the lives of people in our community and beyond. But if you asked her on any day what’s on her mind — it’s usually the Denver Nuggets. An avid sports fan and a native of Colorado, Scarlett can’t get enough of her hometown basketball team.

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