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Paolo Gaudiano | Infomous
Paolo Gaudiano

Founder & CEO

Paolo Gaudiano is Founder and CEO of Infomous, where he is revolutionizing the way users, publishers and advertisers interact with online content by making it fun, informative and visually appealing. Paolo also serves on the Boards of Icosystem Corp. and of Concentric, Inc.

After spending several years earning degrees in math, engineering and computational neuroscience, Paolo began his career at Boston University, where his work spanned robotics, vision and biological learning. In the late 1990s, Paolo left his tenured position to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, joining Artificial Life as Chief Scientist, and then Aliseo as Founder and CEO. He then transitioned to Icosystem in 2001, the creative hotbed where Infomous was originally incubated and spun out in 2011.

When he is not busy enhancing his professional and social networks, or teaching all of us at Infomous to be exemplary entrepreneurs, Paolo keeps our strategy moving forward by educating himself about potential clients, markets and competitors. To do this, Paolo has created a cloud from leading publications to keep abreast of this ever-changing and incredibly timely field.

Want to wake up to what our CEO wakes up to each morning, and be CEO for the day? Check out Paolo's very personal and extremely informative business and technology cloud.
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