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USA Today | Infomous
Encouraging Exploration of USA Today's Online Content
USA Today is the widest circulated print newspaper in the United States, and one of the largest online news sites in the world.
The Need
USA Today was seeking ways of increasing online user engagement while encouraging readers to explore additional content on their site.
The Infomous Solution
Working with an editor/reporter to develop a custom Infomous cloud featuring a combination of original USA Today content as well as socially curated content from NewsWhip, the Dublin-based company that reveals the world’s news conversations.
The Results
Over the course of several months, USA Today readers engaged with Infomous at high rates: more than 10% of all page visitors interacted with Infomous, spending on average five minutes more than readers who did not engage with Infomous. Furthermore, adding Infomous resulted in more than 3% incremental page views to additional content.
Infomous is used by top publishers and brands