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The Guardian | Infomous
Achieving high interaction rates on The Guardian online
The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper with an international multimedia presence. The Guardian’s online offering is the second most popular British newspaper website.
The Need
The Guardian features the Data Store Show and Tell, a blog focused on data visualization from around the world. The Show and Tell blog is often seeking ways of visualizing and exploring data related to current topics.  
The Infomous Solution
Between February 2011 and August 2012 The Guardian has featured more than ten Infomous Spotlighters, including some Headline Spotlighters, some Social Spotlighters and some side-by-side Spotlighters comparing news sources and Twitter commentaries.
The Results
Infomous Spotlighters featured on the Guardian consistently achieve very high interaction rates, always over 5% and often exceeding 20%. In the most recent case, interaction rates of 30% (on uniques) were observed.
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