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The Economist | Infomous
Engaging Readers of The Economist
The Economist is a weekly news and international affairs publication whose web site attracts a highly dedicated audience interested in global politics, social issues, business, and economics. Already benefiting from a highly engaged audience, their readership connects with the content through their user commentary section, which generates a significant volume of posts.
The Need
The Economist wished to create a more navigable and visually appealing experience for their user commentary section with goal of keeping users engaged and returning on a regular basis.
The Infomous Solution
The Economist used an Infomous User Spotlighter to provide an engaging visual exploration platform. The Infomous Spotlighter appears on every article that includes user commentaries, as well as some of the Economist’s blog pages, for a total of approximately 7M monthly page views.
The Results
Infomous was deployed on The Economist’s site for February 2011 until January 2014. The Economist has found that the Infomous User Spotlighter excels at presenting user commentary in a highly navigable environment, increasing interaction rates by up to three times better than other ways of presenting the same content. Furthermore, readers who interact with the Infomous Spotlighter consistently spend an average of 10 times longer on the page. The effectiveness of the Infomous Spotlighter has been consistent throughout its entire deployment and it has been the recipient of numerous accolades from Economist users worldwide.
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