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London Olympics | Infomous
Social media listening for The London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG)
With over 109M unique visitors generating 4.73B page views, the London 2012 Olympics web site was the most visited Games-time web site ever. In addition, the Olympic Games generated 4.7M social media followers, including nearly 2M Twitter followers and roughly 150M tweets.
The Need
LOCOG needed the ability to monitor activity across dozens of Twitter accounts, hashtags and keywords, to be alerted of safety, security, and overall social media activity across all the venues and sports where the Olympic Games were taking place. LOCOG needed both real-time visualization and alerting, as well as the ability to "play back" earlier conversations to achieve full monitoring capacity to track specific events and social conversation threads.  
The Infomous Solution
We worked with LOCOG to create roughly one hundred Social Spotlighters, each designed for "visual listening" of a specific venue, event or personality. We developed additional capabilities, including:
  • The ability to scroll back through time to visualize conversations unfolding over time.
  • Access to the full Twitter search API to allow complex searches, geolocation and language filtering.
  • A slide-show mode allowing them to display all Infomous clouds cyclically over a limited number of monitors in their control center.
  • Visual alerts that color-coded specific keywords of interest, ensuring that certain keywords were surfaced to the interface even if they appeared only once in the tweets.
The Results
LOCOG was highly satisfied with the Infomous for Analyst Enterprise solution and used it extensively throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Infomous provided real-time situational awareness and an interactive visualization and exploration that complemented other available social tracking and analytics tools.
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