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Entertainment Weekly | Infomous
Creating a fresh and engaging user experience to drive sales for Entertainment Weekly
EW.com is the web site edition to Entertainment Weekly, one of the leading entertainment industry magazines targeted to consumers. EW regularly produces editions focused on events and specials, and are continually looking for ways to engage their audience with richer experiences on their site.
The Need
EW was looking for a fresh, engaging, interactive visual application to provide an improved user experience as a companion to a variety of features, and to support sponsorship sales.
The Infomous Solution
Between July 2011 and March 2012 EW.com deployed several Infomous Spotlighters, including some Feature Spotlighters to support the Comi-Con, Oscars and the Emmy editions of their site, as well as a User Spotlighter to visualize Tweets from a reader context to vote for their favorite funny actor or actress.
The Results
The interactive and visual experience of the Infomous Spotlighter was instrumental in supporting EW.com sponsorship sales, which included two global brands and one high-profile Television Series. As with other Infomous Spotlighter implementations, readers who interacted with Infomous spent significantly more time on pages than those who did not.  
Infomous is used by top publishers and brands